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Cake Commision Pricing

Here is the Project Cakery pricing guide to help you budget for your special day:

Please note these are guide prices but they can vary according to the size of your cake and the added designs. If you wish to have a cake that is larger than the sizes listed below or does not fit the ‘traditional’ cake shape and size, we can arrange a customised pricing system.

Each cake comes with 3 layers of sponge as default sizing, it can be increased or decreased according to your needs which will result in a price change.

These prices are STARTING PRICE and can increase with additional levels of decoration or added products. Please account for this in your budget.

Single tier:

4” cakes - £48

6” cakes - £68

8” cakes - £88

10” cakes- £108

2 tiers:

4” and 6” - £126

6” and 8” - £156

3 tiers:

4”, 6” and 8”- £210

6”, 8” and 10” - £265

Letter and Number cakes:

£65 per letter or number (base price)

A good estimate for pricing is £3-4 per serving depending on decoration for large celebration cakes.