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Project Cakery

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Holly in front of feature wall in studio

Project Cakery

Formerly Claire’s Kitchen, set up by Claire Elphick. Project Cakery was created after Holly took over Claire’s Kitchen in 2020 and has now re branded to make the business more personal to her, whilst keeping Claire’s memory alive with her signature recipes. Holly was 18 when she 'restarted' the bakery and has changed it significantly to grow and expand the business, to make it an exciting career whilst keeping Claire's memory alive.

What's on offer?

Project Cakery, based in South Cerney, offers a large range of bespoke wedding and celebration cakes, as well as bite-sized treats and postal goodies. The bakery can also cater to large orders, events and sweets tables at parties. Every order is unique in it's own way, no idea is too much. Anything is possible, Project Cakery would love to hear your ideas!

Holly decorating a cake in the new studio

"If you are what you eat, I only want to eat the good stuff!"

- Remy, Ratatouille.